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August 8, 2008

new homepage

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Planet Cazmo has a new homepage
planet cazmo new homepage
It is pretty cool. There have been a lot of updates latley in Planet Cazmo so i hope you check it out

Also aliens are attacking soon!

Cya round


July 19, 2008

kid moderators

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I was browsing some other blogs about Planet Cazmo, and when I saw Nolaurator’s, in the first post said that Planet Cazmo was planning about making Kid Moderators!!! I think it will probably be a secret thing just like the ambassador program, and whoever is one will have a logo on their playercard(s) showing that they are one. I think they will probably have a little less power then the real Moderators, but they will still be able to kick cazmos out.

planet cazmo cheats


new hat

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If you get 50 coins in Alien Alchemist, then you will win the Magician’s Hat. (It will automatically be in your invetory)

planet cazmo cheats


July 9, 2008

planet cazmo-space port

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this is the new space port

planet cazmo world map

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this is the new cazmo world map

June 29, 2008

new glitch discovered by beta 1v

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First of all go some where you can buy something.
Then on a square that doesn’t have anything click on “Inventory“.


Then when it gets green click buy and your computer will freeze for a while then a message will come up

and then your connection will be lost.

All discovered by beta 1v

(p.s if you click “ok” it wont work.)


bodyshop-sneek peek

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garage-sneek peek

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globe map-sneek peek

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globe map

rocketshop-sneek peek

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buy rockets

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